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About Us

The Devon General Omnibus Trust has been established as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation to advance the education of the public in the history of public road transport and in particular the history of the Devon General Omnibus & Touring Company and its successors.

How do we do this?

• By establishing and preserving a representative collection of its vehicles

• By facilitating public opportunities to view and travel on these vehicles

• By proving a focus for skills retention, development and training relating to the restoration, maintenance and operation of these vehicles and associated artefacts

What are we doing?

Not long after the establishment of the trust we acquired our first vehicle – 1964 AEC Regent V, 503RUO on which restoration work soon commenced. Much work has now been completed and we aim to have this back on the road during 2019.  With the sad death of founder member Philip Platt during the latter part of 2016 the Trust quickly acquired 3 further vehicles, 2 of which require little work, with one other representing more of a project. The trust has a longer term ambition to acquire further vehicles of interest to support our aims and objectives in due course.

Skills relating to the maintenance and restoration of vintage vehicles are an important aspect of ensuring that preserved buses and coaches can be saved for the future. These skills tend to rest with a relatively small number of individuals, some of whom are coming towards the end of their careers. It is the aim of the DGOT to ensure that wherever possible this knowledge is passed-on for the benefit of future generations.

Our First Vehicle - 503RUO

Click HERE to see more information on our vehicles

One of our central objectives is to broaden public awareness of the Devon General name and its activities. This will be achieved by making our vehicles available at public events of varying nature throughout the year such as rallies, heritage vehicle running days and other transport-related gatherings. These will be well publicised both on this website and in the enthusiast press and we warmly welcome assistance from all quarters.