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Our Vehicles

The trust  purchased  its first vehicle: AEC Regent V, 503RUO. Click HERE to see a  brief history of this bus and the restoration update.

Reg. Charity No:  1153451                 Twitter: @DevonGeneralOT Bristol LHS - VOD 88K

Click to see the story of the amazing transformation of this vehicle from a virtual wreck to nearly new condition.

The Restoration Story

AEC Reliance with Weymann bodywork. This vehicle was donated to the Trust by the late Philip Platt and is in need of extensive restoration. This work will be commenced when time and resources allow

This vehicle was acquired after a successful appeal to assist the Trust in raising sufficient funds. It is a 1952 AEC Regent III with Weymann bodywork and has already undergone a full restoration under the ownership of Philip Platt. A modest amount of work is thought to be required in order to return it to roadworthy condition

This 1957 AEC Regent V with Metro Cammell bodywork was acquired as a result of a single, very generous donation. It is currently roadworthy and available for use

VOD 88K Restoration AEC 503 RUO