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The rescue and subsequent restoration for operation of these historic buses and coaches should be a satisfying and enjoyable experience, whatever your age! Relevant skills are not essential, although clearly beneficial. Training can be given and at the end of the day you can have:

- By Practical help with vehicle restoration:

This is a key area where we need your help. Without interested individuals becoming involved the necessary restoration work takes much longer or, in some cases, has to be out-sourced commercially. We need help from anyone who is interested in what we are doing … you do not need any particular skills, just some spare time and enthusiasm!

Our premises are in Mid Devon and easily accessible by road from the M5 motorway. We usually undertake work on the vehicles every Tuesday and Saturday and your help, even on an occasional basis, will be most welcome. Skills in the following areas are needed and welcomed or alternatively training can be given

• Mechanical – renovation and servicing

• Bodywork – renovation, repainting and cleaning

• Electrical

• Artefacts – ticket machines, bus stops, uniforms

• Service planning and operation

- By giving a Donation:

Clearly, restoration of elderly vehicles which are in a poor state of repair is a very expensive business and, although we utilise maximum levels of volunteer labour, funds will always be required for the acquisition of materials/spare parts and engaging professional services for the tasks that we cannot undertake ourselves. We appreciate that not all interested parties have either the time or inclination to become practically involved so we welcome donations whether small or large, all of which are invaluable to what we are trying to achieve. Click  below to:

How you can help

Can we interest you in helping us?